Beer tasting

First and foremost enjoying beer is subjective! Each of us have a unique pallet and while some of us might love sour, sweet or spicy flavours others will dislike them. When planning a tasting the goal should be to have fun, find out what you like and not to dis anyone’s beer preferences. When we …

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Origin Story

For the record we all hate having our photo taken LOL. Meyers Creek Brewing Company is equally owned by me Gretta Barnwell (I’m in the middle) and my partners Bill Barnwell (he is the guy with the beard on the right) and Rick Stinchcombe (and by process of elimination Rick on my left). Bill and …

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Boiling wort in kettle

We’re brewing!

We brewed our first beers! After receiving our occupancy permit we fired up the kettles and started brewing like mad to get you some new beers as soon as possible. Look for new beer release announcements coming (really) soon! How did it go? Amazing! We had a few learning moments, of course, and we’re still …

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e Poets’ Corner

On November 11, 1918 WWI officially ended and the process of bringing solders home began. A short two months later a poem was submitted to the Belleville Intelligencer that would be published on January 20, 1919 and in June of 2020 we found a piece of this 100 year old newspaper during our brewery renovations. …

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Beer Bread

Rainy days call for bread making and bread making calls for beer bread! Our current favorite beer bread, made with our Back Roads Vanilla porter is a tasty, slightly sweet, dense bread that’s amazing. This recipe can of course use any type of beer but since there is no yeast being added it is important …

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Old Newspaper

100 year old piece of Belleville history found in floor of Meyers Creek Brewing has beer connection!

(Literally the coolest headline I've ever written!)Late last week while working on our floor we found pieces of old newspaper sandwiched between layers of wood. The pieces of paper are in pretty rough shape but we were able to identify the front page of The Daily Intelligencer,  dated February 5, 1919.  This is where its …

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MCBC ramp plans

Removing Barriers to Craft Beer

We are thrilled to announce we have been awarded one of the 119 grants under the 2019 Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) program – youth innovation component. We’ll be using the funding to purchase and install a main entrance ramp, automatic doors and build an accessible universal washroom. We can’t thank our youth leader Brianna Rossit …

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