60 Dundas Street East, Belleville, Ontario K8N 1B8


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Private Events & Gifting

Are you interested in having us do a beer tasting at your event, perhaps you are looking for gifting options for multiple people or you'd like a keg our beer at your event? If so please visit our Private Events page for details and contact information.



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General Questions

Q: Can I just come to the brewery to buy beer or do I have to order it online?
A: You don't have to order online! You're absolutely welcome to just stop by during our regular hours and pick up beer (those are listed above). Ordering online means your beer order is made up and waiting for you so if you're in a rush you don't have to wait to have an order made up.

Q: How come you are closed Monday and Tuesday?
A: We need time to brew! and more boringly we need those closed days to get all the stuff done we can't do when we are serving beer to all of you wonderful folks.

Q: I love MCBC beer! Is it possible to get a keg of my favorite brew for home use?
A: Yes it's possible, please send us a message via the form above and we can talk options.

Q: Is it possible to have you come and do a tasting at my party?
A: Heck yes, we would love to attend your gathering! Please visit our Private Events page for details and contact information.

Q: I want to give the gift of MCBC beer to all my employees at our yearly gathering. Can you help?
A: Absolutely we would be happy to help. Please visit our Private Events page for details and contact information.

Q: Are any of your beers sold at the LCBO?
A: Our Back Roads Vanilla Porter is available in LCBO's across Ontario. Visit the LCBO website to see if your local store has Back Roads in stock.

Q: I bought "insert beer name here" a while back but its sold out now, is it coming back?
A: Some of our beer is seasonal so that means we don't make it all year long. We also make new stuff all the time and that means that other things might be out of stock for a while. If you want to know if something is coming back and when just ask us.


Patio, Porch & Taproom Questions

Q: How big is the taproom?
A: The taproom has seating for about 45 people, the porch can accommodate another 10. In the summer the parking lot patio accommodates approximately another 25.

Q: What sort of seating do you have?
A: In the taproom there is a mix of high bar stools as well as table and chairs. On the porch there are tables and chairs as well as some of our “Gracious Living” Contour Adirondack chairs. The patio is a mix of our Adirondack chairs and big spindle tables and stools.

Q: Where is the porch?
A: The porch is located on the east side of the building and is accessible through the taproom.

Q: When is the patio going to be open?
A: The parking lot patio is now closed for the cold season. It will make its return in late spring/early summer and generally stays open till just after Thanksgiving.

Q: Do you have music and entertainment?
A: We have both speakers playing music as well as live music events. Check out the Events page to see what's going on.

Q: Do you have food?
A: We don’t have a kitchen so at this time we are only able to offer prepackaged snacks. We are working with a number of food trucks and local food providers to have a limited number of options. 

Q: Do you offer tasting flights?
A: We do! Flights include 4 varieties of our choice and a little snack bowl 

Q: Do you offer any alcoholic drinks other than your beer?
A: No we don't. We have what's called a "Manufacture's Limited Liquor Sales Licence" this licence only allows us to sell what we make here in house.

Q: What sort of snacks do you offer?
A: We carry a changing mix of munchies. We also break out the movie style popcorn machine for events and when we get a craving.

Q: Do you have anything non alcoholic?
A: Absolutely! We have a selection of Partake Non-Alcoholic beer. County Bounty Sodas, juice and water. We have a rotating mix of these awesome options, just ask us for what flavours we have.

Q: You're using plastic cups on the patio? What's the deal?
A: We don't need shattered glass outside! but don’t feel bad about the cups, they are COMPOSTABLE! True story: our cups are made from plants and they go right into the green compost bin.

A: We have two individual bathrooms as well as one fully accessible bathroom. All of the bathrooms are located to the left of the bar. 

Q: Is it ok to bring my dog?
A: Dogs are very much welcome on the patio and porch as long as they remain leashed and are well behaved. We keep water dishes handy so if your four foot needs a drink we'll happily get them a bowl of water. Please note if your bestest dog buddy is skittish for their own happiness please leave them at home, we’re close to the hospital and the train track so random loud sounds like sirens going off happen all the time.

Q: Can I bring my kids?
A: Absolutely we have no problem with underage guests as long as they are are accompanied by a responsible adult. Please be aware that this is a place where everyone is welcome so things like swearing and “Adult” conversations are going to happen within earshot.

Q: Do you have any games we can borrow?
A: We do! We have a number of tabletop games like Checkers, chess, Barrel of Monkeys and Jenga. We also have a big lawn game sized games like Jenga and a bean bag toss game outside on the patio.

Q: Do you take reservations?
A: Nope.

Q: Can I book your space for a private event?
A: Anything is possible, give us a call so we can talk logistics.