September 21 - 26

Last year in Ontario, over a half a million people visited a food bank.

In Belleville, almost 10,000 adults and over 5,500 children were in need of food services.

Thanksgiving is coming up fast and our friends at the Gleaners Foodbank are hard at work helping those in need. We want to help them out so for the week of September 21st we will be hosting a non-perishable food drive. When you stop by to pick up your beer for the weekend or to have a draft on the patio with friends please bring along a food item to donate because now and again we all need a helping hand.

Not sure what to bring? No problem all of these are items the Gleaners need all the time! Or visit the Gleaners Foodbank website to learn more.

Peanut Butter - Dry Pasta & Pasta Sauce - Pork N' Beans - Macaroni and Cheese - School Snacks - Canned Tuna/ Salmon - Canned Veggies - Canned/ Boxed Soup - Canned Fruit - Apple Juice - Gluten Free Items - Peanut Free Items - Sugar Free Items - Baby Food & Diapers