Saturday July 22 @ 7pm

This newly minted duo under the name Unison grew up in Brighton Ontario. Identical twins Meranda and Elizabeth Hodgson were surrounded by music on both sides of the family. They sang and performed together all across Ontario as “Sweet Harmony,” releasing four albums between the ages of seven and sixteen. Music took a back seat when they finished high school and went off to university. Meranda attended Western University and Elizabeth studied at Ottawa University. While at school, they found time to write songs and play together when home for the holidays or when visiting each other on weekends. Elizabeth still lives in Ottawa with her fiancé and three children, and Meranda lives in Belleville with her fiancé and two daughters.

More recently, their music has been making a revival, as they started to share music and lyrics back and forth, piecing songs together virtually, playing together during visits and often including the kids in their creative process.

Elizabeth and Meranda are known for their tight harmonies and unique sound. Their repertoire consists of a mixture of folk, country and pop music, accompanied by acoustic guitar.


Can't make this event? Unison is back on August 19th!