Saturday Aug 26 @ 7pm

Join us in welcoming Matt Charette & Chuck Coles 

Matt Charette

One of the busiest, most visible members of Boston’s thriving DIY music scene, singer-songwriter Matt Charette plays his own brand of hard-hitting, punk-laced Americana. “Or,” as Charette put it recently, “whatever reformed-punk version of bastardized Americana I’ve come up with.

I was inspired by alt-country stuff like Son Volt and Whiskeytown, but—and I will die on this hill—I am a reformed punk. At home, I’ll put on the Louvin Brothers and end up listening to London Calling.”

Check out more of who Matt is on his website


Chuck Coles

When Matt asked Chuck for a bio he got this and it was too awesome not to show you all what a great characters these two are.