Our patio is being taken over!

6pm - 9pm'ish

A gang of musicians from Porchfest have let us know they are moving in on our turf for the night and we couldn't be happier about it. This great group of musicians are having an after their own after party on our patio and they've invited us to have some fun listening to them have their own jam secession! We're pretty sure these folks are all so excited to have the chance to play together that its going to one heck of a show.

We'll have the fire burning, fresh popcorn popping and these amazing musicians all playing under assumed names (this way no one can hold them accountable for any shenanigans that happen) AND these awesome folks have committed to donating all of their tips for the night to Gleaners Food Bank as as part of our food drive this week!

Admission is free for this event but we would like to encourage folks to bring a non perishable food item for our Gleaners Food Bank food drive. For more details about our Gleaners Food Bank food drive click here.

Check out this line up!


Dr. Tequilameister

a.k.a. Gary W Buffett  says groove is the best prescription for what ails you! A little salt & lime helps the medicine go down.

Pudge Pickens

a.k.a. J.B. Emmons, (we call him Brad)  is a vocalist, guitarist (6 & 12 string & bass), started playing professionally in 1974 both as a solo performer and in bands. He has played all across Canada as well as Florida & Texas. Back in the Quinte West area, he was a member of local bands Cabin Fever, The Moonshadows and Crazy Chester. Brad delivers a fine repertoire of country-rock/folk/Celtic and blues

Dr. Nightshade

a.k.a. Mark A Smith has been playing since he’s a baby. Dr. Nightshade delivers an eclectic set of blues, folk, rock and country interspersed with his hand crafted original tunes!

Mark Smtih

Mieky C

a.k.a Mike Conto hails from North Bay, Ontario, growing up on Bee Gees and Beethoven. After moving to Toronto in the 90’s, and graduating from Humber College, he travelled the US and abroad as a sideman and leader, while continuing to study in Toronto and New York City. Returning to Toronto in 2010, Mike finished his music degree and started a family with his wife. This year he has brought his family to Belleville to settle down and lay some ‘Roots Rock and Reggae’ (… well maybe a bit of Jazz too) and is looking forward to a new circle of friends and creativity.

Mike Conto

Dr. Watermeister

a.k.a. Rick D Hodgson has been playing music since the first time he took swimming lessons… Rick is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and harmonica player. He plays an eclectic variety of popular music ranging from fingerstyle blues to popular tunes of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.

Dr. Groovemeister

a.k.a. Jamie Nicholas

Details to follow

We have more artists joining so keep an eye on this page!

Masks are mandatory on the patio at all times unless you are seated drinking a beer. Social distancing is also in effect and we would ask that all patrons please keep in mind their surrounding to ensure they are staying 2 metres apart from other groups.

Porchfest Belleville is a local celebration of music, where residents in the East Hill neighborhood perform on front porches to an audience that moves from house to house. Porchfest runs from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday afternoon and attracts dozens of performers and hundreds of spectators to this grassroots community event each year. A great way to explore East Hill while enjoying the talents of our local musicians.