LIVE MUSIC: Erin Blackstock


July 27, 2024    
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Please Note: This is an early show!

A little bit about Erin

Singing since the age of 3, Erin has always been performing. Growing up in the church choir and singing in school plays she has always had a love of music. Erin has a strong, passionate approach in her delivery of her vocals. She writes her own songs and is also an avid guitar player and enjoys to dabble on the ukulele. Erin grew up in a musical family. Singing alongside her 2 older sisters and her mom and dad, she decided to approach a career in music after the age of 35.

Erin is a mom of 2 kids aged 8 and 6. Being a fulltime mom, has its challenges in maintaining a music career but it also has its many rewards. Erin was in the Top 20 at the Magna Hoedown in 2016. She also won top 3 in Canada in the Chevy Tailgate Competition for her original song “Sippin on Whiskey” which she got to perform at Havelock Jamboree. In 2019, Erin has performed both the Canadian and U.S National anthems at Mosport for the Grand Prix Mobil 1 race. She also made Top 20 for the singing and song writing competition in Toronto called The Shot. Erin released her first single Day Drinkin’ in 2019. She has since released 5 singles and looks forward to releasing more.


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