Every time we brew a batch of beer we go through a lot of bags of grain. Some of these bags we are able to return to our local maltster Barn Owl Malt but a lot of these bags end up in recycling and they can be used for so many other things!

We’ve put together a great list of alternative uses for empty grain bags and ours are always free for any of you out there interested in trying some of these fun projects. Just ask us for some!

  1. Garbage bags. They are especially sturdy for disposing of heavy or sharp items! – Perfect for yard clean up!
  2. Fill with sand and tie closed with bailing twine. Used as sandbags. We did this to weigh down our umbrellas on the patio.
  3. Create your own reusable shopping bags! Just cut them to suit your size needs and use the extra you cut off to sew on some handles.
  4. They’re large enough to cover plants during an early frost or for protecting seedlings in a heavy spring rain.
  5. Line shelves. Cut a sack open and then trim to the dimensions needed.
  6. Fill with straw and duct tape or sew  shut for a dog cushion.
  7. Keep a spare sack folded in your vehicle for the unexpected, such as a dirty flat tire, or a dog that couldn’t resist a puddle.
  8. Protect floors when painting or staining. To double the surface area covered beneath your painting/staining project, cut a feed sack open to lie flat.
  9. Waterproof bag for campfire wood. Roll down, duct tape closed.
  10. Cut open and spread under a sleeping bag or tent.
  11. Protect kids’ clothing. Use a feed sack to cut a mini smock for messy play or chores.
  12. Transport potted plants. Cut off 6 to 12 inches from the sealed bottom and use to carry plants in your vehicle. Or, lay a flattened sack on the floor before loading plants.
  13. Make a mini-garden. Fill a feed sack with dirt and grow potatoes.
  14. Share heavy produce. An empty feed sack is perfect for sharing extra sweet corn, potatoes, pumpkins, or other garden goodies.
  15. Take a couple “Apple Picking”. They make a much stronger bag to carry apples in then the plastic bags for retail stores.
  16. Sit on your front porch staring at one thinking “What else can I do with this bag?” It will keep you entertained for hours.




  • Peter Marble,

    Can’t wait to stop by for taste or two.

    Just a friendly heads up from a grumpy old writer. On your page about grain bags, “we’ve did” should be either “we did” or “we’ve done”.

    Fill with sand and tie closed with bailing twine. Used as sandbags. – we’ve did this to weigh down our umbrellas on the patio.

  • Bill,

    Thank you! All fixed. Cheers!

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