Saturday, August 21

7pm to 10pm

Playing guitar since the age of 10, guitarist Robert Keyes reinvented his playing style in the late 70's.
An adventurous immersion into the world of solo fingerstyle guitar, presented many obstacles and challenges, but also opened up many avenues for Robert. The ability to develop hand independence and sound like two musicians playing at once, happens to be one of the most frustrating styles to pursue, but also the freedom it can present can be very rewarding, for both the musician and for the audience.
This independence and Robert's vast multi-stylistic repertoire, have served him well. No song or style is off limits!
Among the many musicians he has performed with are Lyle Lovett, Sir John McVie, Hagood Hardy, Holly Cole and even Bob Homme (The Friendly Giant).

As resident guitarist at the storied TIDES INN in Irvington, VA, for 12 years, Robert played 7 nights a week with some of the top Jazz musicians from across the U.S.

Since moving to PEC from the shores of Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, Mr. Keyes has carved out his own unique trail!
A must see musician to catch at our brewery!

First come, first served. Seating is limited.