Patio season at MCBC officially came to an end this weekend. While we haven’t quite put everything away just yet, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who came, sat and shared your most awesome energy with us this summer.

We never planned to have a parking lot patio. We didn’t budget for it, we didn’t know if we would be allowed and we weren’t sure all of you would want to come and sit in our parking lot patio. But darn it, we figured it out, got permission, found the money but most of all you came, and then you came back again and again and you brought friends.

We learned a lot about all of you this summer, what kinds of beers you like, the places you like to be and the things that make you smile. The most rewarding thing, and I think I can speak for both Bill and Rick, was the opportunity to meet so many new people. We had folks that have never had a beer they like leave with a 6 pack super excited to have found a brew they love. We had beer drinkers that were new to craft and old hands that keep a log of every beer they have ever tasted. We had young people and folks with all the stories of times long past mixed together under the blue and orange umbrellas and it was grand.

We have so many fun memories of this summer but the thing I love the most was all the times one of you pulled me aside to tell us you like something we did or you had a great idea you wanted to share. You told us you loved the backyard chill vibe of our patio and that our pallet fence was awesome level recycling and wanted to know how we did it. Our flight boards better, known as adult seat belts, were “such a good idea” and of course over and over again you told us you loved the beer. You tried new beer, some you liked, some you LOVED and some of you flat out surprised us with your preferences. You also asked for new styles confident that no matter what we did it would be great. Our most recent release, Hayride, is one we had planned to do at some point. So many of you have been asking about an amber, so this seemed like the right time to release one.

The patio will be back next year with some changes. It will look a bit different because it will include our porch space at the side of the building and the taproom will be open (no I don’t know when that will happen just yet). But the spirit of the 2021 patio will live on!

So, today we raise a glass to this our first patio season in the books and we salute all of you for coming out, having fun with us, drinking our beer and supporting us! – Gretta



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