We're super excited to announce the release of our first beer - Back Roads Vanilla Porter! It's a balanced and robust ale that combines flavours of coffee, dark chocolate and a hint of vanilla. At 5.2% alc./vol. it's great for sipping during the colder months but it's really crushable all year long.

We're committed to using local ingredients. That's why Back Roads Vanilla Porter is made with Ontario barley malted north of Belleville at Barn Owl Malt and with hops grown by Pleasant Valley Hops in Prince Edward County.

Why "Back Roads"? We were inspired by all the cool things you can find and experience by taking the long way home.  For us it's all about the journey not the destination. Put some gravel in your travel.

While we continue to work on building our own brewery, we're brewing this bad boy with our friends at Forked River Brewing Company in London, Ontario - easily one of the top breweries in the province.

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